Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There is only one thing that I am addicted to in this world and it is Coffee! Yes, I absolutely adore, love and can't live without it. Coffee to me is not just a pick-me-up drink, it is my remedy to everything. I have headache, I have coffee. My day is going bad, I have coffee and yes, if I am feeling sleepy, I have coffee! I know, I know, I am addicted to it. But, it is the most heavenly drink in the world! 

In my pursuit for the perfect coffee, I have tasted and drank coffee from a lot of places and to tell you the truth, it is very, very, very hard to get a place that makes that perfect cup of coffee in Mumbai. One place that makes a great cup of coffee in Mumbai is Moshe's. The coffee here, whether, it is their in-house coffee or the cappuccino, is made just the way I like it - aromatic, strong and smooth. I have heard that the secret behind their awesome coffee is that not only do they select their own coffee beans, but roast and grind them in house, making their coffee fresh.

Here is a picture of the cappuccino that I had today. Guess what! In the world of coffee art, Moshe's had the Facebook "f" on my coffee foam, instead of the usual leaves, smiley faces and hearts that come on the coffee.

Heavenly Cappuccino at Moshe's (Oberoi Mall)


  1. You reminded me of a short film I've seen recently, named Coffee.. I guess you should take a look at that one..

    1. Hi Shareef,

      Thanks for commenting.. there are many such short films, which one are you talking about? Would love to watch it. :)

    2. Hi priya, below is the link for the one I told about..

      It just reminded me about the coffee addiction thing and trying out in different places... Just see this one..

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