Friday, August 9, 2013

L'Oreal Paris presents the Cast My Girls contest!

Pic Courtesy: Loreal Paris India
L'Oreal Paris has launched a brand new and exciting contest in which the company is giving giving a chance to one girl & her two best friends to star in the next Casting Crème Gloss ad with Sonam Kapoor!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'Gel' with Me

By Raima

I love nail polish, it is something I get from my Mum, who stocks them up at home and recently got her first professional nail art done (Whee!). She used to tell me this story about how she had a box full of nail polishes when she was in college, which my Didu (naani) chucked out because she was not studying. Anyway, I digress; I love nail polishes mostly because I keep long nails to disguise my stubby fingers. I’m not much into nail art and I do not keep polishes at home since they dry out after I use them once and move on to the next colour. Oh yeah! One more thing, my hands shake like crazy, my attempts to paint my nails usually look like a toddler’s art project gone wrong. Having said all that, I am pretty sure you guys won’t be surprised when I tell you about my fascinations for professional manicures right? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Kid on the Block: INITIALISTE, Kérastase’s 1st Advanced Scalp & Hair Concentrate

24 years of Stem Cell Research brings Initialiste; Kérastase’s 1st Advanced Scalp & Hair Concentrate

                              Pic Courtesy: Kérastase India
Kérastase introduces Initialiste  a revolutionary hair care product that works on your hair to make it healthier, stronger and more beautiful every day.

At the heart of Initialiste  the Regenerative Complex protects stem cell environment, thus improving the hair quality at its source. This exceptional formula, developed like a skin serum, contains powerful active ingredients which optimize the follicular regenerative capacity for beautiful hair that is stronger, shinier and fuller: