Friday, November 28, 2014

Defying Stereotype: Truefitt & Hill's Julie Robinson, The Lady Barber

In the world of barber shops and male grooming, it is very hard to imagine a women within the settings of tough brown leather, musky scents and raging male testosterone. However, for Julie Robinson, Master Barber and International Trainer at Truefitt & Hill, these settings are an everyday affair. Julie is one of the few females, who have broken stereotype in the world of male grooming and have gone on to become one of the few female barbers (or barberettes) who are making a mark in a primarily male dominated men's grooming industry. The Purplenista managed to bag an interview with her, when she had come down to to train two female barberettes for the Mumbai salon.  Read on to know more about the famous Lady Barber, Julie Robinson as she talks about making it as a lady barber, grooming industry and latest trends.