Thursday, July 12, 2012


Albert Einstein once remarked, "It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely."

Loneliness is one strange emotion that everyone feels quite often in life. it is the fear of loneliness that affect all human beings and it is because of this particular fear that human beings are in an eternal quest for companionship. it is for this simple reason that we all are so keen on making friends where ever we go and also so keen to treasure these relations that we make. The sense of having friends, relatives and loved ones gives you a sense of security that you have people to talk to, you have people to rely on and people to love.

However, there are often quite a number of times when you might just be surrounded with tons of people and yet feel so damn lonely! It's not that you are not surrounded by friends, you might just have your closest friends with you but you just can't help feeling lonely. it's such a strange case but you just can's help feeling like that. i sometimes do identify with what Albert Einstein is trying to convey through his remark and often wonder what does a person do at that time??? how does he come out of this peculiar case of loneliness? Is it because he can't identify with that person or that situation? Or is it universal and everyone goes through it?

My best friend told me that it might be because you don't want to be surrounded by a particular group of people. Then if you don't want to be surrounded by your friends and family who do you want to be surrounded with???

Hmmmmm........too many questions and no ansewers at all.

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  1. well yes even i feel as clueless as u do and i think many of us !