Sunday, November 18, 2012

My October Vellvette Box

I have been a bad blogger. A very bad bad blogger! I think it has been over a month that I have posted anything on my blog and while the primary reasons were that I was unwell and then Diwali came, but I still feel as if I have neglected my blog. So, now that I am stuck at home (all thanks to the emergency situation due to Bal Thackeray's death), I got the perfect opportunity to update my blog now.

Now, this post on the Vellvette box might be a tad bit too late, but I think Vellvette definitely needs a complete post on their October box as it was definitely an awesome box that they had sent across. 

Although, Vellvette was only one box old, when they had sent across their October box, they had definitely outdone themselves. The theme of their October box was 'Happiness' and it had indeed given me happiness from the time I had received and opened it. 

As usual, it had come neatly and elegantly packed in a black box with a pink ribbon with three luxurious products and discount coupons in it. (What else would a girl want!)

The October Vellvette Box

The October Vellvette Box with discount coupons

The October Vellvette Box with the three products
As I have mentioned above, the theme of Vellvette box in October was 'Happiness' and it definitely was happiness for me. In my review of their first Vellvette box (which you can see here), I had mentioned that I would love to see more makeup products in the box and the guys at Vellvette actually listened to my request!     In the October box they included a Clinique eyeshadow and blush pallete, just as I had suggested! Yaaaa!!! This is what I love about the Velvette team, they actually listen to their subscribers and implement it in their products! 

I was extremely, extremely happy when I saw the palette, it was the kind of products along with a few skin care products that I would love to see in the box. In the picture above, the Clinique Colour Surge palettte in Trio comes with three eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are a combination from their Colour Surge range. The light beige shade is from the Light Mink Duo, the pink shimmery shade is from the pink chocolate squad and the Chocolate chip shade is from the Stay Matte range. The palette also comes with a blusher which is the Clinique Fig blusher. I should let you know that the small eyeshadow quad on the right did NOT come with the Vellvette box, it was a sample that I had received from a recent purchase from Coastal Scents. I just put it in the picture for the heck of it. For me this is the perfect palette as it contains the perfect nude shades that will not only suit my medium skin tone and will be useful to create everyday looks. :) 

Other than the palette, the box also contained two more products- a Victoria Secret body lotion and a Shisheido clarifying serum. Pictures given below:

The Victoria Secret is known for its lovely perfumed beauty products and this Pure Seduction body lotion is just as it claims. Its a lovely fruity and plum scented body lotion. I have just used it once and the perfume in the body lotion lasts for the whole day and it is also very, very hydrating that also lasts for the whole day. More on it when I use it more frequently.

The last product in the box was the Shisheido White Luscent Brightening Balancing Softener serum. 

Now, I have read a lot about this brightening serum across a lot of beauty bloggers across the world. The product claims to not only brighten a person's skin tone, but also helps to clarify it by reducing marks and pores. I haven't started to use this serum yet, as I am waiting for my Body Shop Seaweed toner to get over. However, I am excited to use this product as many beauty bloggers have seen awesome results from this product. 

So, this is my review of the October Vellvette box and I should say it was an awesome box! I was so happy with the box, that I went ahead and subscribed for the three month subscription that cost me around INR 1099. :) It's almost time for my November box to arrive and I am sooooooo excited to see what will be there in it. Just can't wait to get my hands on it. :)

Have any of you guys subscribed to the box yet? What is your experience with it?


  1. I had got the same stuff,just the lotion was of a different scent. :)
    do blog more often and u click wonderful pics:)

    1. Thanks a ton Poorva. :)

      I guess almost everyone got the same products but in different variations. :)

  2. You got pretty good stuff. I just received my november box. have reviewed it here: