Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Livon Moroccan Silk Launch Event + Initial Thoughts

It started with a beautiful and innovative invite that came with a beautiful magic lamp filled with promises of wonderful experiences from the 'Land of Genies and Djinns' and did Livon deliver on that promise.

Recently, Livon had invited me for the unveiling of their new product - the 'Livon Moroccan Silk' Serum. The event was held at the Pallazzio Banquet Hall at Palladium and I should tell you that it was a definitely one of the prettiest events that I have attended. Not only, did I get to meet my friends Magali, Karishma, Richa and Hina, but also got to meet other bloggers and had an awesome time at the event.

Coming to the event, keeping with the theme of Morocco, the hall had been decorated like the living rooms of Arabian Kings and Sheikhs, filled with Arabian accents and bright colours, such as, fuchsias gold and white. The event was hosted by celebrity hairstylist Kanta Montwani. She took us through the event, telling us about the benefits of argan oil and also by giving us tips and tricks on hair care. She even showed us how to do a specific Moroccan braid as a hair style.

Now, something about the product. The Livon Moroccan Silk Serum contains ingredients such as, Morocco's Argan Oil, UV filters, Vitamin E and Japanese conditioning agents. 

As a part of the event, we were given to try out the serum. Livon had arranged for salon specialist to wash and towel dried our hair at the event. After which, we were each given an faux Argan seed, which contained the Livon Moroccan Silk Serum to try out. Celebrity hair stylist Kanta Motwani, then guided us on how we should use and apply the serum on our hair. 

Kanta told us that we would need only two drops of serum for medium length hair and it should be applied from the middle section to the tips. My initial thoughts after using the serum was that it was nice. The serum was light weight with a wonderful (and not overbearing smell). The serum spread easily and did not weigh my hair down. In fact, it also helped to de-tangle my hair. The serum also helps in styling, while, many bloggers opted for a blow dry and style, I refrained from it as I had already blow dried my hair in the morning and was hesitant in adding more heat to my hair for the day. In a nut shell, the serum was really nice. After my hair dried, my hair felt soft and had a lovely sheen to it. 

The Livon Moroccan Silk Serum is priced at Rs. 149 for the trial pack of 30 ml and Rs. 259 for the regular pack of 59 ml.

Have you used the serum yet?


  1. This was def a fun event... wud look foward to more of these n meet u sometime .. m following u on GFC to stay updated with ur posts.. hope u follow back.. Thank you :)

  2. I loved the event too when it was in Delhi. :)

  3. Must be a fun event! Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog :)