Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coffee Escapades: Coffee Diaries

If you have gone through my blog, you will know that other than make-up, cosmetics and Le B, the other love of my life is Coffee. Yes, I love coffee so much that if you ever visit my home, you will definitely find at least three different types of coffee in the pantry! :D 

Anyway, I am diverting. So, the other day, Le B and I decided to try out this new coffee shop called "Coffee Diaries" that has opened near his work. We often try to hang out before we head off home from work. It gives us the much needed space and some moment to spend time with each other before we enter the family zone. 

Coffee Diaries is a small and tiny coffee shop that is situated on the Andheri - Oshiwara Link Road right next to Bru World Cafe, making it really easy to miss. Why is it located near to a famous coffee chain, you ask? Well, God only knows. However, I can tell you that this teeny - weeny coffee shop definitely serves far better coffee, food (and music) than the Bru next door. 

From the outside the cafe looks quite inviting with bright interiors and white tables. As you enter the cafe, you will be greeted with a doodled wall on the right with outside seating and lovely fresh aquamarine blue and white walls on the inside. It is decorated with small and quirky knick-knacks, band posters like Pink Floyd and movie posters, such as, Sherlock, Hurt Locker and more. Not only did I fall in love with the interiors but also the music. They played classical rock and what not! I feel that music is such an essential aspect for coffee shops. it is almost a make or break for the coffee shops as it helps to bring in the right customer and to make them feel welcome.

There is nothing to write home about Coffee Diaries menu. They have a regular menu that features all the different types of coffee that is expected from a coffee shop and all day breakfast items, such as, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, desserts and Maggi. The day we had gone, we both had ordered the Cappuccino and shared the vegetable cheese Maggi. The cappuccino was absolutely perfect. It was strong, with less milk and very, very frothy. Just the way a Cappuccino should be made! In short, I was in seventh heaven with the coffee. Definitely going there more just for it.

Coming to the food, I have noticed that most of the times when you order maggi at restaurants or cafes, no one can make it right. Either the maggi is too soggy or too bland or just meh! However, that is not the case at Coffee Diaries. Their maggi was delicious and perfect to the tee! It was perfectly made, it had a lot of veggies, and cheese, yet wasn't soggy or too cheesy and was extremely flavorful. It was yum! I don't think I have had such an awesome maggi from a restaurant ever!

I always believed that while the big coffee chains have a charm of their own, it is the smaller coffee shops that have the best coffee. In this case, Coffee Diaries holds true to it. I love their coffee and also the maggi, definitely going back there to try out their other items! 

Have you been to Coffee Diaries? How did you like the place? Do let me know if the comments below.


  1. three different types of coffee in your pantry! wow. so tell me what are you favourite brands- I am still exploring coffee. So far just tried Bru gold and quite liked that. what else is good?

    1. Yes, I know three is too much, but I am a coffee addict and my day just does not begin without it. :) My fave brand is Davidoff! Lovely flavor but extremely expensive. :( Other than that for instant coffee, I like Nescafe Sunrise for its strong flavor and Lavazza for ground coffee.

    2. Yes, it's really luxurious to start your day with coffee :) Davidoff, my dad's fav. Yes, it's very expensive. Nescafe Sunrise and, I've got those down. Thanks, Priyanka :)