Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drools on Shop.InOnIt & Exclusive The Purplenista Offer

One of the things that has fast caught up in India right now is online shopping. It has almost become a part an parcel of today's life. Thus, when I was given the opportunity to review or list a series of products for a one-year old website. I jumped at the opportunity. Since, I haven't yet ordered anything from the site yet, I will list out a few products that I am drooling after on the site.

The online store Shop.InOnIt is not new to me. In fact, I have been a regular follower of their blog/website InOnIt, from which I had learnt about their online store. The online store is around a year old now and has slowly been gaining popularity among fashion bloggers and fashionistas in India. 

Something about the site:

The online store was started by co-founders, Meghna Mittal and Namrata Kothari with an aim to not only provide a place where individuals can read and stay updated on everything from shopping to restaurants, events and shows to weekend holidays and luxury spa treatments, but can also go ahead and purchase items that they like or take a fancy to on the website. 

The online shopping store has everything starting from fashion apparel for men, women and children as well as accessories, home decor products and pet accessories. All the products are definitely as per the latest trends. 

One of the most unique aspects that I noticed about is that it primarily has apparels and accessories from Indian designers. Not bad, eh! I think that is really awesome as I feel that our Indian designers have so much talent, yet do not have the right amount of exposure for their products. Saying that, some of the Indian brands that are available in the store are Quirk Box, Vivacious in Vogue, Spring Break, Masala Tee, Happily Unmarried, The Big Bag Theory, Earthen Canvas, Poppuri and The Elephant Company. Any one who has been to Sapphire or Attic in Mumbai will definitely know about these brands.

The store also offers:
  • International Shipping
  • Cash on Delivery anywhere in India
These are somethings that I look out for on all online stores as it definitely makes it easy for individuals to shop and not get duped.

Apparel & Accessories I am drooling after:

I love the fact that site has quirky and fun fashion apparel and accessories on their website. These products are not easily available and definitely making it easy for fashionistas like me who love quirky stuff. I really do like some of the apparels and fashion accessories that are present on the site. In fact, I also like some of the funky, quirky stationery that is also available on the site. Some of the things that I really liked and am drooling after on the website are mentioned below along with the prices:

Also, as I had mentioned earlier about having products in trend, look what i dug out from their website:

Yep! The Shubh-Labh neck piece that was all the rage when Priyanka Chopra had worn it during an event is also present on the website. Not bad, eh!

The Purplenista Exclusive Discount:

To top of the entire post, the lovely guys at Shop.InOnIt have provided my awesome, lovely and pretty readers with a 15 percent discount to be used on their website. :) Yaaaaa!!!

All you have to do is key in the discount code - PURPLE15 while checking out from the shopping cart! So, what are you waiting for go ahead and use the coupon quick!! Hope you guys enjoy the shopping!


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    1. Hi Kavita,

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this post :D
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  3. A great blog. And love Shop.InOnIt .. would love to use the discount .. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Rosh,

      Thanks a ton for your lovely comment! Do let me know what you bought from the site. :)

  4. Ah, I would love that Shubh Labh necklace but it's so expensive. T^T It's going to haunt my dreams isn't it? I'm going to save your code, just in case! ;) Great blog you got here!

    1. hahahaa!! that lotus charm bracelet has been haunting my dreams since I wrote this post. :P

      Thanks a ton!!! I love your blog too!


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