Thursday, January 17, 2013

My First Blog Contest Win - Shoppers Stop Perfect Festive Look

I won!!!!! I won! I won! WON! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Yep, my lovely readers, you have read it absolutely right! I won the Shoppers Stop contest that was being held on IndiBlogger. And guess what!! I was selected as the best entry and won the whopping grand prize!  Whoop! :) You can see the announcement of the winners on IndiBlogger's page here.

I am so excited I can't seem to be sitting still. This was my first attempt at a blogging contest and I can't believe I won. Saying all that, I can't wait to get my prize so that I can start with the crazy shopping immediately! 

You can check out my contest entry blog post here.


  1. awesomeee:) congrats:)

  2. 20000! Oh, you can get things to review for the whole year:P Congrats:)!

  3. WOW Awesome!!! Congratulations. Do a haul post on all that you shop from there.
    Btw, pls remove word verification.

    1. Thank you and will definitely do so. :)

      And thank you for letting me know. I didn't know I had the word verification on, changing it immediately.

    2. And hey, i have a blog award for you here:

  4. Congrats..!! U deserve it!!! Happy shopping... :)