Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Launch: Bata's New Monsoon Shoe Collection

Around two weeks ago, I was invited to view Bata's latest monsoon collection at their Bandra store. One of the main requirements for the event was to dress in your monsoon bests. While, the idea was a really great one and I was really, really keen on wearing my monsoon best (which is generally a t-shirt, shorts and rain shoes), unfortunately, the event was on a work weekday, which meant I can't actually wear shorts and go to work. sad  So, I wore what I would usually wear on a casual Friday work day:

Wearing the Bata new monsoon ballerina
Pic Courtesy: Bata  India,  Amlan Dutta

Anyways, I still went for the event, primarily because Bata is one brand that I do admire.  Although, they might not have a variety in the trendy shoes section, they do have some really great shoes that definitely last forever. And may I add, they do come out with some of the cutest shoes at really reasonable prices sometimes.

Now, coming to their monsoon collection, we all have seen Bata's first monsoon ballerina that has been very popular over the past few years. Well, in their latest collection they have increased the variety of that collection and have also added new types of rain wear to it. The monsoon ballerinas are now available in different colours and in different styles. 

Bata's Monsoon Ballerina in Suede

The ballerinas are also available different designs and Bata has also added platform heel chappals and sandals to the collection also. You guys can have a look here:

Bata Monsoon Collection
So guys, what do you think of their new monsoon rain wear?