Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shwa - Collection 2 - Winter/Festive 2013

Shwa Season 2 theme is inspired by the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which explains how we can control our destiny with the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking.

Each handbag in Shwa Season 2 comes with a Tarot Card inside, which is meant to attract a certain form of positive energy into our lives. For instance, carry a “The Lovers” Tarot Card inside your bag to attract a love relationship into your life. Carry the “STRENGTH” card for gaining inner strength, or the “SUN” card for happiness and vitality! 

Based on the principle of “Like attracts Like”, by focusing on positive thoughts, we attract positivity into our lives. Every time you open your Shwa handbag and look at the tarot card, you are subconsciously getting prepared to attract Love / Luck / Happiness / Strength into your life.

Combining the Law of attraction with the positive energy of Tarot, Shwa Season 2 makes an attempt of going beyond what’s expected from a handbag, by giving its customers the power to infuse positive thoughts / energy into their lives. 

Shwa season 2 has been inspired by the TV series Gossip Girl. Similar to the show, this Shwa collection is youthful, vibrant and trendy. Every bag is named after a character in the show.

For instance, Nate is a color-blocked tote bag which is a timeless piece that can make a sophisticated addition to your casual or work wardrobe. Carry the fortune card in this Shwa bag, to bring you luck and come closer to your destiny. Blair is color blocked cylindrical bag with a pop of blue or neon orange. Carry the Blair bag to attract a balanced and loving relationship in your life. Serena is an oversized sling to carry all your essentials, while giving you the glam look. Carry this Serena bag to bring you happiness, fun, warmth and positivity.

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