Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brain Freeze Your Way to a Cool Summer!

One beverage in the world that I will never get tired off  is Coffee. Yes, coffee is one drink that I can have throughout the year and at any time of the day. It is my cheer-me-up, wake-me-up and energize-me-drink and I definitely cannot live without it. Call me an addict, but I often feel coffee is the God sent solution to all problems in the world. In fact, my family and friends often joke around saying that I have coffee running through my veins and not blood. :D In fact, even though I drink as many as 10 cups of coffee (and I mean the straight and dark black kind) a day, I have no issues in falling asleep at night. :D In a nut shell, coffee is everything for me.

While, coffee is my definite go-to-drink, there are times (specially during the hot, sticky Mumbai summers) I often prefer to order something cold that will refresh and energize me immediately and most of the beverages that I prefer are the cold slushy types drinks that are lemon or fruit based. One range of beverages that I can guarantee instant refreshment is the Cafe Coffee Day's Brain Freeze range.

CCD Brain Freeze Beverage Range  Pic Courtesy: Nishant
Cafe Coffee Day or CCD's new Brain Freeze Range is a range of drinks in four different flavours. These are 
the Berry Berg, Green Apple, Cool Blue and the Iced Eskimo. While, Cool Blue and Iced Eskimo was always a part of CCD's menu, Berry Berg and Green Apple are the new additions for the coffee chain's menu. Drinks that I had tried were the Green Apple and the Iced Eskimo, which have been pictured below.

CCD Brain Freeze 'Green Apple' and 'Iced Eskimo'   Pic Courtesy: Travel Food Photography
Now for my thoughts on the drinks:

CCD's Brain Freeze is definitely a drink for the summers. I liked both, the Green Apple and the Iced Eskimo. Both the drinks were crushed-iced based beverages. They are similar to Slushies and the only difference is that while slushies are a little bit in a liquid form, the Brain Freeze had more crushed ice and no liquid at all (ignore the Green Apple in the pic, we were busy taking pictures of the drinks when they arrived). I had to wait for a few minutes for the ice to melt before, I could start drinking. :P Now coming to the flavours of the drinks. 

Being a coffee lover, I naturally fell in love with the Iced Eskimo. It was absolutely perfect in taste. The drink had the perfect amount of sweetness and coffee in it (Read: strong and less sugar). In fact, even after the ice melted a bit, the flavour remained as it was and didn't even lessen. Definitely going back again for more!

CCD Brain Freeze Iced Eskimo  Pic Courtesy: Nishant from Travel Food Photography
Coming to the Green Apple Brain Freeze. This drink is primarily a lovely combination of crushed ice, green apple with hints of cucumber in it. Unlike the pictures in the advertisement, the beverage has a lovely light pastel green colour, so don't be surprised if you don't get a bright green drink on your table. The drink was definitely refreshing, I had traveled quite a bit that day and after the two sips of it, I could feel myself cool down instantly. I loved the flavour of the drink, there was a lovely balance of the green apple and cucumber in the beverage and both these flavours contributed to its refreshing factor. One aspect that I didn't like about it was the level of sweetness when the ice starts to melt. While, this might not affect many other individuals, for people like me who prefer less sugar in everything, the drink can get a tad bit too sweet. 

CCD Brain Freeze Green Apple  Pic Courtesy: Nishant
Would I recommend the drink to my readers? 
Yes, definitely! CCD's Brain Freeze is definitely a range to try out during the summers. It is cool, refreshing, economical (each drink was priced at Rs.109) and also one of the best drinks to grab on the go.  

And now for some OOTDs. :D Since, I was planning to meet up friends in the evening after the visiting CCD, I had worn a black scalloped top, with a light black summer jacket and dark blue jeans. Being a basic outfit, I had added a hint of drama to the outfit by wearing gold Accessorize Tribal design necklace and matching earrings. You can see a glimpse of the outfit below.

PS - CCD is collaborating with me to hold a twitter contest at 12 PM tomorrow. Don't forget to drop in @priyanka21ch or search for the hashtag #CCDBrainFreeze tomorrow. There is a small surprise for all of you guys there. 

Have you tried the new Brain Freeze of drinks at CCD? What do you think about them and which one is your favourite? Let me know about your thoughts in the comments below.

This post can be termed as a sponsored post as I was invited and sent vouchers by Amaze Styling for reviewing of the drinks, however, the review of the drinks are completely honest.