Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Maybelline Turquoise Colossal Kohl

By Raima

Most of us agree that when in a hurry, a quick swipe of lipstick, kajal and mascara with BB cream is the best and easiest option around. It is fast, non-fussy and ideal for running day-to-day errands like going to the supermarket. I’ll admit to this being my stand-by look, something I was getting pretty bored of. So when my Lakme Eyeconic Kajal finally got over, I sent up a small prayer of thanks that I would not have to deal with that horrible thing anymore, (instant panda eyes, tugging etc) and more or less ran to buy the Colossal Kajal that despite its breakage problem as I had found it to be the most suited for me. While I was purchasing it, my eyes fell on the ad for the Turquoise Kohl, I thought, “Hmmm… I was getting bored of the same look. Let’s try this out as well.” I've worn this twice already and will definitely repurchase just to see my eyes pop with the gorgeous colour. 

The product comes in the same eye-catching yellow tube as the Colossal Kajal, but with this looooovely turquoise labeling

The product itself is creamy with amazing pigmentation; just one swipe and you’re good to go. No tugging, no smudging, no rubbing again and again for a decent colour. If you haven’t bought this already, I strongly suggest you do, because OMG! The colour! 

Product details:
  • Price: INR 249 for a tube of .35 gm
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Ingredients: Not available

Product claims and the good:
  • Provides 12 Hours of smudge-free turquoise intensity: I was a little skeptical about it because I have oily skin so smudging and demented panda looking is a given, but I was thoroughly surprised to see absolutely no smudging at all. I wore it over a 12-hour day during summer, in which I attended two events and braved the humidity but the colour stayed put.
  • Colour doesn’t smudge or fade: Ummm... It doesn’t smudge, but fading, yes, not a lot, but yes I did see some fading. I do not use a primer so maybe those of you who use a primer may find no fading at all.
  • Enriched with nourishing ingredients and Vitamin E to soothe the eye: This did not irritate my eyes or my water line. The texture is creamy and non-irritating; a big plus after the stoner look the Eyeconic Kajal gave me. This is also a reason that the company claims that the product can be used as a liner as well as a kajal on your water-line.
  • Features a unique tip that glides smoothly for even application: As I said previously, no tugging, no pulling, no crying in a corner after giving up because the kajal just won’t go on, not that this has happened to me or anything.
  • 100% suitable for your eyes: I’d find this easier to believe if I’d seen the ingredients list.
  • Cheap: At INR 249, I find this a lovely cheaper option to the MAC eye pencils I was using as an alternative.
The Bad:
  • No ingredients list
  • Since the product is so creamy a lot gets used up in just one application
  • Not waterproof. The product got washed off without any traces with just my face-wash, so carry it on your bag during the monsoons.
  • It fades. 

My Rating: thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up/5 (No ingredients list, fading and non waterproof)

So that is my review, what is yours? Have you used it? Liked it? Hated it? Hated me?  Let me know in the comments below. happy


  1. Ooh this is a pretty shade, it looks lovely with your eye colour! :)

    Jess xo

  2. I haven't seen this yet here in the US - I'll have to go have a snoop. :D

  3. ur banner is so nice, I love it. but I think you can apply way most beautiful eye shadows like line. this one is not my favorite, let me know in case you have another look by that,
    go0d luck

  4. Lovely review, Priyanka. I didnt know this came in turquoise. It look lovely on your eyes. I think I will try it :)