Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Coffee Escapades - Part Un

As I had described in my earlier post here, my addiction for coffee lives on and here is another post on a coffee from one of the common coffee shops that are available in Mumbai.

Being a coffee lover, I am not too fond of the coffee that are available in coffee shop chains. Its not that they serve bad coffee, but's its only because there isn't much variation in the coffee available in the stores. Saying that, Barista is one coffee shop that I prefer visiting as the coffee shop makes a really good cup of cappuccino. It's the only coffee that I order whenever I visit the store. However, today I decided to try out the other coffees that are available. While, I ordered the Cafe Mocha, Le BF ordered the Swiss Chocolate. (Le BF is not much of coffee drinker :D)

Barista's Cafe Mocha (in front) and Swiss Chocolate (back)
As you can see from the above picture the Cafe Mocha came with a chocolate syrup on top. It was a nice strong coffee, if you drink it without mixing the chocolate. However, once you mix the coffee, it can get a little sweet. The Swiss Chocolate was quite good, not the regular Cadbury hot cocoa flavour hot chocolates that you would get all other shops.

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  1. im a coffee lover as well as a chocolate lover :) will try the swiss choc next time :)
    nice post :)
    ive nominated u for a blog award ...