Friday, October 5, 2012

Things I create - Jamini Roy Paintings

Painting, sketching and drawing have always been one of my favorite hobbies. It has always helped to calm and reduce stress levels whenever I am completely stressed out. However, this time around I decided to create something for a bare wall in my new apartment. After thinking a lot about what to paint, I decided to create a rendition of one of Jamini Roy's paintings to adorn the bare wall in my living/bedroom.

Here's a little about Jamini Roy for those who are not into paintings and artists. :)

Jamini Roy was one of the famous Bengali contemporary artists of India. He is famously known for his bold sweeping brush-strokes. His style of painting was essentially a reaction against the Bengal School of art and Western traditions. His style of painting primarily reflected three aspects: to capture the essence of simplicity embodied in the life of the folk people; to make art accessible to a wider section of people; and to give Indian art its own identity. His work has been exhibited extensively in international exhibitions and can be found in many private and public collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

A variation of Jamini Roy's Three Pujarinis painting

A variation of Jamini Roy's Three Pujarinis painting

I know my painting is not as fine as Jamini Roy's, but I hope I was able to do justice to his artwork.

PS - Sorry for the bad pictures. I used my phone camera for these and it is not very good. I need to get my hands on a better camera for the blog pictures.


  1. wow! u hav some real talent there - the picture has come out really well. love the colors n bold lines!

  2. Hi Ashy,

    Your very sweet! thanks a ton. :) i love your blog too.

  3. I love Jamini Roy's paintings. You've done a fine job yourself!

    1. Hey thanks! I love his paintings too. Planning to do another one.