Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The all new Vellvette Box!

I recently received my very first Vellvette Box and to tell you the truth, I was definitely impressed with the box. Yes, I know what you all are thinking - Not another box! and to tell you the truth, the same thought had crossed my mind too.

Last year many companies had launched their own versions of the extremely famous and popular Birch Box in India. However, these companies managed to send out one single box to all the subscribers and then seem to vanish from the face of the Earth without even a word. So, when I came across the Vellvette Box through a Facebook ad, I was little apprehensive and skeptical about the box and decided to do some digging.

Being a brand new company, I obviously didn't find any reviews on the box any where online, but when I did   a little more digging on their website, I found out the price of the box, which was Rs 399 for 3 luxurious products, which seemed decent enough. However, what attracted me the most that they had a Cash-on-Delivery option and that got me interested. So, I decided to order the September box and immediately registered for it. Vellvette has various subscription options, such as 1 month (Rs 399), 3 months (Rs 1099) and an annual subscription where you get 16 percent discount. While registering I had to enter my preferences for cosmetics and beauty products so that they could customize my box and send it to me. Just before they had shipped my box, I had received a call from the company, as well as, a mail stating that the box had been shipped and would reach me withing four days time and it did!

I was really excited to receive my Vellvette Box and they definitely did not disappoint. It arrived in a cute black box wrapped in a pink ribbon with the company's logo on the box. (Very elegant, I should say.)

September Vellvette Box
In the box, I received the following goodies:
  1. L'occitane Lavender Hand Sanitiser
  2. Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating cream
  3. Clinique Raspberry glaze lipstick and Fireberry Lipgloss
  4. J Del Pozo Ambar perfume

Since, it was the company's first ever box, they had also sent across the perfume sample as a fourth product.  (Yippee!!!!) Except for the L'occitane hand sanitizer, all the other products are sample sizes. The box also came with description cards for all the products sent in the box and also discount coupons for each product, which can be used on Vellvette's own website to purchase the actual size products if you like them.
Four products I received in the box

Description cards and discount coupons
Here are some close-up pictures of the products I received. Reviews of each product to follow soon. :)

L'occitane Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Clarins Gentle Exfoliation

Clinique Raspberry glaze and Fireberry lip gloss

J Del Pozo - Ambar Perfume

My Experience

I am definitely impressed with the Vellvette Box! The box gives you three luxurious cosmetic and beauty products at an affordable price of Rs 399. Not only is it affordable, but the quantity is great too. I hope this box stays around longer than the other boxes as it is definitely is a great way to try out new products. I just had one small issue with the box, since I am not a keen lipstick user, I would prefer the company at least ask me for a preference in shade before sending the box across to me. I wouldn't want a colour that I don't wear to come in my surprise box the next time. 

Overall verdict:

I love the box and have already placed an order for the next box! Will try it out for a few months and depending on the service and products send, I will then decide to go for an annual subscription.

Have you tried the Vellvette Box? What is your verdict about it?


  1. Am eagerly waiting fr my box too :)
    U r right abt the lipstick shade issue.....anyways its an awesome deal fr 399/- :)

    1. Hi Ruby,

      Yes it is an awesome deal! I went ahead and ordered the October box already so let's see how it goes. Do let me know how your box was. :)

  2. hey! i just happened to come across your blog and you are the first blogger who has 2 products in common to my box!

    Follow each other?

    1. Hey,

      That's awesome. I just saw your blog and saw the products. Awesome box isn't it and so affordable. Hope they stay around longer than the other boxes that were launched last year. love your EOTD btw. :)

      And yes, I am following you, do follow me too.

  3. Hey great stuff :-) do check out my vellvette box on my blog...
    N we can follow each other ? :-)

    1. Hey Poorva,

      Checking it out right now. Yes, we definitely can. :) I'll go follow you now. please follow me too. :)

  4. THanks for awesome review,i had been skeptical about would it really be worth buying coz i hve spent alot of money for many samples which to my dismay didnt work out well for me.
    I am truly grateful for blogging :)
    keep it up and i would be following