Sunday, December 23, 2012

Evening Stubble is So Nay!!

The perpetual problem that all (and I mean all) women face with their men is the evening stubble. Yes, that prickly and thorny thing that makes you all red and scratchy, whenever you go to peck him on the cheek, kiss or even hug him. The facial hair that makes all women show their tongue and run in the opposite direction. Don't get me wrong. The stubble looks great on certain men, especially if it is Hugh Grant, Henry Cavil or Patrick Dempsey. So, all you guys out there, unless you are Wolverine or Dr McDreamy or simply Michael Fassbender, the peach fuzz is a strict No! No!

Besides, why would we want him:
When we can get him:

So girls, in order to get my man looking more like the adorable (and HOT!) Chaning Tatum above, these were some of the effective methods I adopted to get him to shave away that scratchy evening stubble:

  • Put up pictures of hot clean shaven Hollywood celebrities or even general clean shaven men as your desktop wallpaper, on your fridge and every visible place in your house. Whenever he walks by, start to ogle and drool at these pictures.
  • Gift him a Gillette razor.
  • They say that the way to a man's hear is through his stomach. Sooo, just start serving dishes made out of cactus and prickly pear! This definitely sends a huge message to your guy to shave off his evening stubble.
  • And if he still doesn't get the hint. Every time he comes to kiss you, put a prickly pear in front of him, so that he realises what you go through each time you kiss him.

And, if all these things don't work. The one ultimate way to remove his stubble, a way that even guys generously oblige is to shave it off yourself.

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