Sunday, December 2, 2012

The November Vellvette Box

The November Vellvette Box
Hello Girlies,

Well, I am back again and this time with another review of the Vellvette Box - the November Vellvette box. With this post, I feel as if my blog is becoming solely dedicated to the Vellvette Box with almost back to back posts. I haven't added anything in between my October box and the current one, so I have decided to refrain from posting about the Vellvette box for the time being. Anyhooo....!

Coming back to the November box. As you have read in my last post on the October box, I was absolutely delighted with it and couldn't wait to get my hands on the November box. Honestly, I was jumping with joy and completely tore the packaging like a kid on Christmas morning when I received it. However, the moment I opened by box, my excitement just went Poof! in an instant. Here, why don't you guys have a look:

So, as you can see, in my November box, I got a Clarins SPF 40 sunscreen, Forest Essential Lip balm and a NYX eyeshadow. There were two reasons why I was seriously disappointed with my box. First, when I opened it, there were like three tiny products at one corner of the box. It didn't even fill 1/4th of my box. Let me explain, all you guys out there know how small the Clarins product samples are, the Forest Essential Lip balm was a 5gm lip balm and the only full size product is the NYX shadow (and we all know how small that is).  So you can imagine how it looked in the regular Vellvette box. After my experiences with the past two boxes, reading other bloggers and what they received in their November boxes, I kinda feel shortchanged with this box. I wish Vellvette also had different size of boxes for their products so that it didn't make its subscribers feel like this. 

Now coming to the products present in the box. Here are some pictures of them for you guys to see:

Clarins Ecram Day Screen High protection SPF 40

Forest Essential Kokum Butter and Honey Lip Balm

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania - Penny Pearl

So, from the above pictures you can see that the three products that I got was Clarins, Forest Essential and NYX. Annnd...this was the second reason for my disappointment. I know I had wanted more makeup products in my box, but NYX?! I like the shade, but then again don't we get NYX products here already and since when did NYX become a luxury product! It's not a luxury brand in the US also! The only product I was a wee bit excited about was the Forest Essential as I was looking to try out Forest Essential for a long time. But, then again, I would have rather preferred anything else rather than a lip balm.

Hence, in short this time's box was a eh! box for me. I opted for the three month's subscription so I am hoping to God, the next box is good and not a hit-and-miss like this month's box.

Was the November Vellvette box disappointing to you like it was for me?


  1. sad it was a disappointment! im glad i didnt get nyx. but i would have loved to get the FE lip balm !

    1. Hey Poorva, that was the only thing I was excited about in the box. :) and I have been using it, it is wonderful!

  2. My nov box was disappointing too. And if I remember, sme bloggers got 4 products in their sept n oct boxes! Guess now that Velvette has built up a good subscriber base they're getting a bit laid back???

    1. Hey Dollie,

      Might be. But I think the people who got four products are first time subscribers. Even I had got four products in my first box.

  3. Oh it looks so puny and microscopic... disappointing... beauty boxes outside India are bursting with stuff while here the box looks much better than the products... feel happy i didn't subscribe.. hope they do improve after this...
    nice blog BTW :)

  4. Hi Chinnu,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comment. :)

    I agree with you. The beauty boxes outside are so much better. Let's see what they have in store in the December box.