Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Afternoon at Runah Salon - Review

Around two weeks ago was my bestie - Raima'a birthday. And, like any other girl she wanted to look her best and also wanted to get a mini makeover done (Read: get an awesome haircut.) So, just a few days before her birthday, we decided to go for the mini makeover and since we met the fun-loving and charming Akshata Honawar, Creative Director of Runah Salon here, we decided to go to her for the haircut. 

After the decision, Raima went ahead and made an appointment with Akshata for her mini makeover. Extremely excited, (Yes, I tend to become excited like a school kid when it comes to haircuts, makeovers and salon visits :P) we both (very impatiently) waited for the day to come. When the day finally came, both of us giddy with excitement headed over to the Salon for her mini-makeover.

Runah Salon was not new to me in any way. I had heard about the salon from my cousin elder sister and had also read about it in many of the beauty mags and salon magazines, hence, I was quite excited to see the place. The salon, which is located right above Power House Gym in Lower Parel (opposite Phoenix Mills), may raise apprehensions on how big it might be and may lead many to think that it would be quite cramp and dark. However, it is anything but that. When you climb up the stairs, you come upon an extremely spacious, wonderfully lit and aesthetically designed salon. Definitely a pleasant surprise. 

Runah Salon Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista

You can easily see how spacious the salon is from the pic above. I loved how it is designed and also the soft, warm lighting. As you enter, the salon immediately makes you feel relaxed, warm and cozy. This definitely is a thumbs up from my side, because I absolutely hate those dark walls or those extremely stark white walls and backgrounds at the certain salons. They almost make me feel as if I am entering a sterile laboratory. And I am rambling again!!! I should remember to stick to the topic.

Coming back to the post, after we reached the salon, Akshata met Raima and they immediately went into deep discussion on what hairstyle to opt for Raima. Since, Raima wanted a makeover and look different, Akshata suggested a really short and trendy asymmetrical bob hairstyle for Raima, which Raima readily agreed to. The picture below is the before picture, with Raima all pouty and sad on loosing her long hair. 

Raima Pouting. Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista
If I had to tell you anything about Akshata, I would say you should definitely go to her. Unlike, many creative directors and senior stylists that I have encountered, she is really down-to-earth and fun loving, even though she is a celebrity in her own right. Not only is she quite easy to talk to you, but the best part about her is that she actually listens to what you want and then suggests hairstyles that would suit you. I really appreciate this in her, as in most of the salons, the stylists tend to push what they think is best down your throat, irrespective of whether you like it or not or whether it suits you or not.

Akshata Honawar and Raima  Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista
Also, I have to add, Akshata is awesomely good in her work.  She was recently chosen to be on the L'OrĂ©al Professionnel Dream Team.

Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista
That's Raima with her half done hair. She will kill me when she sees this and I will probably have to take this picture down. Muahahhahahahahahaa!!!

Raima with a Mooch Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista
Again, Raima fooling around with her cut hair, kinda reminiscent of Movember. :P Considering Raima had really long hair, I had taken a picture of all her cut hair, but didn't put it up as I didn't want Raima to feel bad and also didn't want to disgust my readers. But in Raima's words - there was enough hair to make a Faux French Poodle! 

A really big Poofy brush I saw at the salon.
While, Akshata and Raima was busy with the hair styling  I went and looked at the salon. As I had added earlier, I love the ambiance of the salon - loved the music, the lighting and the people. Gone are the days when you have to deal with snooty salon people. The staff at Runah are very friendly, sweet and attentive. They immediately make you feel at home.

The salon offers all types of spa services and treatments starting from your hair till your toes and all the spa services, such as massages and treatments are held in separate, secluded rooms away from the main salon. Runah also provides special services such as hair styling for on-location photo shoots as well as, hair and make-up for brides. While, there are some hair-washing units in the main salon area, there are many units in a separate room. I liked the fact that Raima was taken into separate washing area despite there being no crowd. I am not sure about others, but I often feel awkward when I am taken for the hair washing ritual and find many people looking at me.

Although, Runah salon is quite popular and well-known, I found the salon to be very reasonable. A normal manicure costs Rs 350, if you opt for the OPI manicure that would cost you Rs. 450, the same OPI manicure would cost you around Rs 500 at Envi. The facial treatments are little expensive, but Raima found the hair treatments to be more reasonable at Runah than other salons. The entire list of services, as well as, the rates can easily be found on Runah Salon's website.

Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista
Raima's almost done hair. I love how the short hair style adds so much volume to Raima's hair.

Raima's New asymmetrical hair style Pic Courtesy: The Purplenista 
Tadaaaaaaaaaa!!! Here is Raima's new asymmetrical hair style. I absolutely loovvee it! I think it makes Raima look much more trendier, younger and cuter, almost giving her a new fresh look!! The best part about this hair style is that it is low maintenance. Raima can easily just walk out of the house with just out of bed hair and still look fabulous!

My Ratings:  / 5

I simply loved the salon and Raima's new hair style, I think it is absolutely awesome. I have also booked an appointment for myself with Akshata and can't wait for it to come.

What do you guys think?


  1. Wow! She looks so bubbly and cute!

  2. i luvd raima's new hairdo...and yes i agree...she luks younger and evn mre prettier :)

  3. The salon is quite good.Love the brush^_^

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  4. omg ! it looks amazing.. she looks great :D
    xoxo <3

    1. I know!!!!! I can't wait for my appointment!:)

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  6. I love her hair makeover ...very summery and love this concept of asymetrical hair cuts,they look chic!

    Smitten by Lip Print!!

  7. I loved Raima's hairstyle! I have always wanted to go for such a graduated bob but can't bear to cut my waist length hair *sigh* someday, someday surely :D
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  8. I love Raima's new hair, I need to get rid of those over-long locks, too. Waiting for your haircut!
    My Beauty Junction

  9. loved reading about your experience and omg..the pics are such a visual treat :D

  10. Your friend look adorable in her new hair! Lovely pictures!
    Maybe we could follow each other? Stay in touch

  11. Ahhh!!! found the famous "mooch" pic so talked abt in the meet :D

    Hi ladies.....Big love from Shikha of Sorelle Grapevine.....So much fun interacting with u <3 Take care and keep in touch

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