Saturday, March 23, 2013

De-Stressing at the Four Fountain Spa, Malad

In today's day and age, stress and tension has become a part of our life. Saying this, I have to add that stress, tension and worry often comes two fold for me due to many reasons. Hence, when I got the opportunity to review the Four Fountain Spa, I simply jumped at the opportunity.  

In Mumbai, the Four Fountain Spa is located in three different places, namely, Bandra, Malad and Powai. I opted to go to their Malad Branch as it is closest to where I live. If you are staying in Mumbai, you all will know that you will never get a single moment of peace and quiet in the city. However, when I arrived at the Four Fountain Spa's Malad branch, I was pleasantly surprised. The branch is located bang on Linking Road, almost in between Inorbit Mall and Malad Infinity Mall. Although, the branch is located on Linking Road, you do not hear any of the hustle-bustle or traffic noises from outside. When you enter the spa, you will see that the spa (even at the reception) is dimly lit and has lovely Lemongrass aroma wafting around, thereby, immediately relaxing you.

After we sat down, the ever courteous Sana had offered us drinks and then quickly took us through the different services that are available at the spa. Their services are categorized under four segments - Beauty, De-Stressing, Detoxification and Immunity. I opted for the Foot Reflexology under their de-stressing category. This therapy is a 30 minute long therapy, wherein, an ayurvedic oil is massaged into your feet and calves to reduce tiredness. Most of their services range between 30 to 60 minutes, while their holistic packages have longer duration. The primary reason I opted for the Foot Reflexology because it is the only therapy I had previous knowledge and experience of, making it easier for me to judge it. 

They Foot Reflexology costs Rs. 749. Their service prices range between Rs.599 to Rs. 1599.

Before, we were taken to the room, Sana did a small stress test with us to judge the level of stress we had and then suggested a time period to use massage therapy to reduce the stress. For me, the time period was every 15 days. She also asked if we had any allergies or pain in any specific part of the body. Ideally, I would have loved it if a medical practitioner had taken this round, as it is very, very important to state and discuss medical history before going for any therapy. Four Fountains' has a medical doctor, but she had gone out for lunch when I had arrived.

Four Fountains' Malad branch has a total of six rooms with showers attached to each of the room. After we were introduced to our therapists, we were taken to our rooms. Now, this was little pleasant surprise for me as usually foot reflexology is often conducted in one of those big cushion chairs in a common room, however, at Four Fountains  the therapy is conducted in individual rooms and you are asked to lie down on the bed. This is really big thumbs up from my end as it provides complete privacy and total relaxation.

On entering the room, I was given disposable underwear and asked to change and ring a small bell to call the therapist back. (I think her name was Afroze or Afreen, can't remember ). The room is dimly lit with soft relaxing music playing in the background and even comes with a wooden locker to store your purse, wallet and keys. The key of the locker is given to you before the start of the therapy. 

(Sorry for the hazy picture, I wanted to capture how warm and inviting the room looked, but managed to screw up the setting in my camera)

After I changed in the shower (very, very clean), I rang the bell for therapist to begin the session. She asked me to lie down facing the ceiling on the bed. After lying down, she covered me with a disposable bed sheet, placed cotton wool with rose water on my eyes and started a five minute head massage to relax me. After this she began the 30 minute therapy that starts from just under your knees to your feet. 

Before starting the therapy, my therapist had asked me about the pressure and I told her to make it not very hard and not very light and she did it wonderfully!  First she wiped my feet with a warm towel to remove all the dirt and grime, and then started massaging my left leg and then moved to my right. Initially she did a dry massage with no oil and then started a massage with the oil, which was absolutely heavenly. While, I was sailing on in the boat of utter bliss, I noticed that she always maintained touch with the skin, thereby, not disturbing the treatment. After the treatment was over, she wiped my legs with warm moist towel relaxing me further.

We were offered herbal tea at the reception post the session. Sana took us through membership plans of Four Fountain Spa and then provided us with our next appointment date and a tub of calming balm.

Final Verdict:

I really enjoyed the entire session. I have been through many foot reflexology therapies earlier and this was one therapy that made me feel relaxed and light. My legs felt smooth and moisturized  Being a very high strung person with stress levels always shooting off the charts, I had a very bad pain in the arch of my feet before I went for the therapy. The therapy absolutely got rid of it. Even a week after the therapy, I am still relaxed and have not become the hyper-everything person that I am. 

The Good:
  • Attention to detail 
  • Disposable underwear and sheets. 
  • Extremely friendly and courteous staff (My therapy was scheduled for an earlier time, but I wanted to take my friend along with me and they were really kind and courteous enough to shift the timings so that it would accommodate both of us.)
  • Very clean and well equipped (I didn't shower so have no idea if everything was working, but the shower cabinet was extremely clean when I had walked in to change)
  • Asked about the pressure of the massage (Not many spas do that)
  • Oils used were Ayurvedic, light and lightly fragrant.
  • Affordable services.
Things that can be improved: 
  • It would ideal if a medical doctor took the stress test, as well as, discuss the medical history and problem.
  • The prices of the membership plans are a little steep.
Rating: .5 /5 (4.5 stars as due to non availability of the medical doctor)

Would I recommend: Hell yeah!!! Please go and try them out as soon as you can!

You can find information about Four Fountain Spa services here.

Have you guys been to Four Fountain Spa? Do tell me about your experiences in the comments. 

Disclaimer: The service was offered by the Spa free of charge for a review. However the opinions expressed here are my own and have been unaffected by the same.


  1. I could use some of this ! Next time you gotta take me with you :D
    xoxo <3

    1. it was really nice! I have a giveaway coming up. you could participate in that. :)

      Btw, did you get the pictures?

  2. Aww!This spa looks quite luxurious! Wish it was in Bangalore too.

  3. I thought their service was great too.

  4. Looks like a lovely spa and sounds like you had a fab time!

    Sita xx

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