Monday, March 25, 2013

Giveaway & Contest - Four Fountain Spa Vouchers!

Pic Courtesy: Four Fountain Spa

Yes, my lovelies, you have heard it right and I am so damn excited to share this with you! 

As you may have read here, I had recently visited the Four Fountain Spa and had a lovely time there. Well, the lovely people at Four Fountain Spa (namely Sakina ) were very sweet and decided to sponsor a giveaway for the lovely readers of my blog! Yaaaa!!! 

I am triple excited as this is my first ever giveaway on my blog. (Does the happy excited dance). So, before, I start to rattle on like I usually do, let me give you the details of the Giveaway:

You need to participate in the Rafflecopter giveaway (mentioned below). The contest is open from 25th March, 2013 till 14th April, 2013. The winners will be chosen on the basis of the best answer provided (hence, the answer is a mandatory step). There will be three winners and the prizes are:
  • One nos. 60 minute full body massage voucher
  • Two nos. 30 minutes partial body massage voucher

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So girls what are you waiting for. Come on and participate now. I can't wait to see your answers. 


  1. This year on Holi I tried my level best to save our precious resource Water,directly and indirectly
    1.I played Holi without water and with dry colors
    2.I tried myself and also asked my friends not to use harsh colors on me which take a longer time to be taken off during bathing[which wastes water]
    3.Played Holi with natural,organic and home made colors[colors made of Flowers of Palash]
    These colors even if they seep into the soil along with water do not hinder with its fertility
    Chemically made colors pollute the air,the soil,water-So it is a big NO NO

  2. Trying to be different and Environmental each year from using natural colours like making home made colour form Beet Route, Marigold Flower and other Organic readily available in the market, which are not only safe for the skin and the soil where we play.This year was different I opted for using “SANDALWOOD POWDER” and “MULTANI MATTI”. I kept both the contents readily available for the entire gang. All of us used the powder in dry form as well as mixed with water to make a paste. Am sure each of my friends realized the difference of the colours we used, they were so mild on the skin and provided the cooling effect while we were in the sun. No one had to be bothered about the colour penetrating into eye of the kids as this was totally safe. The aroma of the duo added to the magic, and no one wanted to splash water on each other to refrain the colour being washed off. When dried in the sun, the colour just peeled off, without any effort to wash away with n number of buckets of water. Am happy I was successful in adding this difference to save mother EARTH.

  3. Firstly I am so happy this is a Four fountain spa giveaway. On my last trip to India I visited them and was absolutely thrilled with their service.
    This holi we played safely with using minimal organic colors and now water at all. Also made sure that we played early in the day so people can get home and get fresh (avoiding taking bath twice to save water).
    hope I win :)

  4. Seems like a great giveaway!